Tips for Pottery Decorating

Although hand crafted pottery items are truly one of a kind they can also be decorated in such a way that also lends to it the uniqueness of each piece. The ability to make something from clay then can decorate it is what makes this craft so appealing.

To ensure that your decorating is going to be at its best you want to be sure that you are starting with a clean surface. Pottery tends to hold the dust so it is suggested that one wipes down the piece with a damp cloth.

Fired Glazes

There is an option to use glazes which are a special type of paint. After it has been applied the pottery piece gets fired to set the colors. It is interesting to work with he glazes because so many different effects can be created. If one wants a solid color then usually two coats will be enough for this. There are opaque glazes that give more of a translucent effect. The true colors will not be totally evident until the piece has been fired. One thing you need to be careful with is the brush strokes. These will show in the fired piece. You can help to reduce these by applying several coats of the color.

Creating Different Effects

It is fun to experiment with the layering of the paints. But you will always want to use the darker colors as the base coats. Make sure that each coat of paint is totally dry before applying the next.

You can use different tools for the application of the paint. One common tool is different textures of sponges. These will create a stippling effect. You can even use a fine-tooth comb to run through the painted section. Or you can do a spatter by using a tooth brush.