Setting Up and Maintaining a Pottery Website

For those that are into pottery and wish to showcase their finished projects, the internet is an ideal platform for being able to do this. As a pottery artist one needs to have a portfolio. The modern way of doing this is with a website. It is an amazing way for one to display their works of art. It is also an ideal way to be able to sell pieces if one chooses to do so. To have this type of virtual studio means having a website that is going to draw the attention of those interested.

Guarding Personal Information

Often, on these types of websites, visitors are required to enter some various types of personal information. It may be no more than an email address or it could be financial information like a credit card. Either way, it is information that has to be protected. The site has to be closely monitored for any type of threat. This is something that can be easily done through which is a company that offers monitoring tools to improve network and IT security.


Aside from this, there is great flexibility when it comes to setting up a pottery website. One can choose to have a web designer build the site or perhaps even do it themselves. For those who are going to do it themselves, they can choose from many different themes then customize these to suit their needs.


Most of the templates have the majority of code written already written, which makes it easier to build the site and get it operational. The important factor is making sure that the site is maintained properly. The theme needs to be updated as new versions are presented. Passwords have to be secure. If pottery is going to be sold from the website it must have a quality and reliable payment gateway.