Handbuilding and Pottery

There are many different techniques that can be used in the creation of pottery pieces. For many they are familiar with what the potter’s wheel is. What some don’t realize is that pottery pieces can be made through hand building.

When one thinks about it this was the technique that was used to create many different pottery pieces long before the pottery wheel came into existence. The hand building techniques allow for some real creativity. Many different forms can be created. These various forms can be joined together to make some exciting pieces. It is the ideal method for those that want to create 3d pieces or animals for example.

Pinch Pots

One of the most common items made from clay are pots. These pots come in many different sizes. These of course can be made using the pottery wheel. But they can also be made by hand using a pinching technique. It begins with a ball of clay. The potter then indents the center of the clay with their thumb and gently works the center of the clay out while forming a sphere. The potter slowly rotates the ball of clay in one hand while working around the item as the clay is pushed out to the sides. Once completed the surface can then be wiped down with a damp cloth to give it a smoother finish.

Coil Method

Another unique way of making a pot out of clay is to use the coil method. This time the potter will roll out strips of clay into the desired lengths. These coils are then shaped into circles and placed on top of each other. The coils can be joined together using a small amount of slip. Or the fingers can be moistened and run over the ends to join the strips.

These are just two of several methods that can be used for the hand building techniques.