About Workshop Pottery

This site is for those who are looking to learn more about pottery, whether you are an expert looking for inspiration or have never even heard of pottery before. There are many different forms of pottery. Some of the people who develop an affinity for pottery take it beyond just a hobby and make it a business.

What you will find here is information about the basics of pottery. This will give the reader a little background about pottery as well as some of the different techniques that can be used in this form of art.

For those that are interested in showing the world their beautiful finished pieces, there is a post about setting up a website that is dedicated to pottery. It talks about the simple website but the security needed to keep it secure.

For those looking for some ideas as to how to decorate pottery, there is some information that focuses on the use of glazes and the different techniques that can be used to create different effects with it.

There are many different tools that the potter can use. One of our posts is dedicated to hand-building pottery. We chose to highlight this technique because it is the simplest version of working with clay. There is no need for a potter’s wheel. It creates a starting point for the novice potter. Some choose to advance to the use of a pottery wheel after they have mastered the hand-building techniques. There are also many who wish to go no further and just want to enjoy this way of working with clay.